About Us


A Monchball is a safe treat securing technology device that protects your furbaby from choking. 

Our Monchball has been designed in a shape and size that discourages your furbaby from being able to chew on the ball itself. The Monchball clamps on to a number of long last chew treats and prevents your pet from swallowing the final portion which is usually the perfect size for choking! This means you can give your baby a treat and relax instead of constantly checking how much is left and then trying to confiscate the treat when it gets too small. It is also perfect for occupying your pet at cafes and easily attaches to chair or table legs.

Bully sticks or pizzles as they are known, are highly digestible, high-protein muscle. As such they are a healthy option for your pup. They are long lasting, won't splinter and help clean your puppy's teeth! Chewing releases endorphins and now Monchball helps keep your baby safe while enjoying a healthy treat.

Our Monchball caters for bully sticks, beef jerky, kangaroo jerky and himlayan cheese chews. Anything that can have a hole safely pierced in either one end or in the middle (flat jerky), will fit inside your Monchball and give your furbaby the ability to chew while helping prevent him or her from easily accessing the final choke size portion.

Our Monchball is also easy to get a hold of when you have one determined pupper that doesn't want to let go!

An essential for French bulldogs, Pugs and other breeds who can be a bit of a 'guts' and don't know when to stop trying to swallow.

Happy Monch-ing!