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What is the lead time on orders?

The lead time on orders at the moment is up to 5 business days and then subject to shipping (Australia Post or Courier).

Do you ship overseas?

Yes - we do! Only Monchballs though. Unfortunately due to Customs restrictions, we cannot ship the Monchies (dried pet treats) outside of Australia. However you can drill your own Monchies with a 7mm drill bit, it is very easy :) Our shipping is limited to a maximum of 5kg. Please contact us prior to submitting your order on sales@monchball.com if you need to discuss a larger bulk purchase.

Do I need to supervise my dog while using Monchball?

Yes, your dog should always be supervised when using a Monchball. This is because different sorts of treats can be locked into your Monchball. We can't guarantee the quality and strength of all treats, or what sort of environment your Monchball is in, so it is important that you give your dog a Monchball while you are still able to supervise.
We also do not know your pets personality or how much of a determined chewer they might be. Your Monchball is not indestructible and left unsupervised, eventually your pupper will be damage or destroy the device. You can also take your Monchball out with you and securely fasten it to a table or chair leg to keep your pup monch-ing while you're having breakfast or if he/she likes to hide their treats!

Do your Monchball's come in different sizes?

Yes! Our Monchball comes in an Original Size (10cm) and an XL Size (15cm). Your Monchball is designed to be bite resistant which means that your pupper should not be able to pick up the ball with his or her mouth. Generally an Original Size Monchball is good for a Frenchie and smaller and an XL for doggos that are bigger than this. If you are not sure, please email us a photo of your dog and his or her breed and age so we can make a suggestion.

How do I clean my Monchball?

Wash your Monchball with warm soapy water (a temperature you would be able to leave your hand in) when needed. This should be done regularly as you would with any normal dishes or bowls that you serve food inside. Do not subject your Monchball to extreme heat or put your Monchball in the dishwasher.

What is the rope on my Monchball for?

The internally secured rope has four main purposes: - To assist in securing the device. The rope, when tied close to the device will assist in keeping the ball closed. Please make sure the rope is tied close to the device when closed. - Your pup can pick up the ball if it is unsecured. He or she can then bring the ball to you for you to fill with a treat! Note that this is dependant on your pups personality. If you feel that your dog is destructive, it may be best to only give your pupper his/her Monchball when food is secured inside. - You can unclip your ball and clip it back together around a secured post, table or chair leg. This means you can keep your Monchball in one location at home or if you're out and about, give your pupper a treat while you're having breakfast or a coffee with friends! - The rope provides stability for the ball whilst unsecured. This prevents it from easily rolling a long distance and makes it easier to manage. Please make sure the rope is tied tightly at the end when not anchored. If you have a small pupper, this ensures his or her head cannot get stuck in the rope.

There are small crease marks on the outside of my ball, what are these, is it a fault?

No. These seams are inherent in fused filament printing and are not product faults. They are part of the character of the ball in the current production process. They will not affect the function of your Monchball. Your Monchball can handle knocks and drops from your pupper eating treats secured inside however your Monchball is not indestructible. It should not be deliberately thrown at hard surfaces.

What is a Monchball made of?

A Monchball is made from PETG. This is the same sort of plastic that bottled water is generally sold in so should not be subjected to extreme temperatures (greater than 65 degrees Celsius or 149 degrees Fahrenheit).

What should I put inside my Monchball?

Your Monchball has been primarily designed to help prevent choking on bully sticks. It is designed for dried food only such as Bully Sticks, Himalayan Chews, Ears, Shark Skin and other strong long lasting chews. Do NOT put any kind of wet food in your Monchball. Note if you would like to drill a hole in a dry long lasting chew yourself, you will need to use a 7mm drill bit. It is very simple and easy!

I have a BIG pupper. Will the Monchball work for me?

Yes! We now have an XL Monchball. This device is 15cm in diameter. Unless you think your dog can fit a ball larger than this (small bowling ball!) in his or her mouth, the XL verson will work for you :)


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