Frequently asked questions


Do your Monchball's come in different sizes?

Yes! We sell 10cm and 15cm diameter Monchballs. Monchball is designed to be bite resistant, which means that your pupper should not be able to pick up the ball with their mouth. A 10cm diameter Monchball is best for french bulldogs, pugs, frugs, most cavoodles and smaller dogs. The 15cm diameter Monchball is for medium to large size doggos! If you are not sure, please email us a photo of your dog and let us know their breed and age, so we can make a sizing recommendation.

I have a big pupper. Will the Monchball work for me?

Yes! The 15cm diameter Monchball is designed for medium and large dogs. Unless your dog can fit a 15cm diameter ball in their mouth, the 15cm version will work. The spherical shape is bite resistant. The Monchball has been designed to be very difficult for a dog to chew on an edge, while still making the opening that holds treats capable of fitting a wide variety of long lasting chews!

How to

Do I need to supervise my dog while using my Monchball?

Yes! We recommend you supervise your dog. Monchballs are quite robust but they are not indestructible. Monchballs are not chew toys, they are a bite resistant treat holder. Your dog may eventually damage the Monchball if left to chew on it for a long time. We recommend only giving your dog a Monchball when it is loaded with a treat. This teaches dogs only to be interested in it when it has a treat and to leave it alone otherwise, meaning it will last longer. Every dog is different and once you have worked out how your dog will behave with a Monchball you can decide how closely you need to supervise. Monchballs have been extensively tested on two power chewing Frenchies (Peanut and Panda) and a very large Whippet (Freddie). None of these dogs have ever damaged or broken a Monchball but they tend to have little interseted in it if there is no treat inside. You can take your Monchball out to dog friendly cafe and pubs and secure it to a table or chair leg to keep your pup monching while you are having your flat white and smashed avo or a pint!

How do I clean my Monchball?

Wash your Monchball with warm soapy water (at temperature that would not burn your skin). If you only load it with dried food (never load it with wet food) it may never need washing. Wash it only if it gets dirty. Do not subject your Monchball to extreme heat or put your Monchball in the dishwasher (it will start deforming over 65 degrees Celsuis and will be destroyed by putting it in a hot dishwasher.

What is the rope on my Monchball for?

The internally secured rope has four main purposes: 1: If you tie the rope tight against the Monchball it can help keep it closed in the unlikely event the locking mechanism breaks. This is very unlikely though because the locking mechanism is really strong! 2: Your puppa can pick up the Monchball by the rope (since it won't be able to pick up the ball with it's mouth). Our dogs have a habit of tossing it right on our toes to demand a treat! 3: You can close the Monchball around a chair or table leg when you are out and about so your dog can't run off with it and it can't roll away. Just be careful though, dogs can be pretty strong and you don't want to find the piece of furniture you connected it to somewhere else while you are not watching. Even very solid tables can be dragged around by a determined little dog! 4: The rope stops the Monchball rolling around, so it won't end up rolling somewhere you didn't expect it. 5: The rope makes a great heandle for you to hold while you have some quality chewing and bonding time with your doggo!

There are small crevice marks on the outside of my ball, what are these, is it a fault?

No. These crevices are caused by 3D printing. All fused filament 3D printing leaves layer lines. We print at 0.02mm layer heights for a nice looking finish but it is not possible to fused filament print a perfectly smooth surface. Your Monchball can handle knocks and drops from your pupper eating treats secured inside. However Monchballs are not indestructible. It should not be deliberately thrown at hard surfaces.

What is a Monchball made of?

Monchballs are made from PETG. This is the same sort of plastic that bottled water is generally sold in so should not be subjected to extreme temperatures (greater than 65 degrees Celsius or 149 degrees Fahrenheit). If a person could live in the temperature, it should be ok for a Monchball but they are NOT dishwasher safe. They can handle a maximum of 65 degrees Celsius, above that temperature they will gradually warp and may get stuck so you cannot open or close it.

What should I put inside my Monchball?

Your Monchball was originally designed to help Peanut (a greedy little Frenchie) choking on bully sticks. However, the patent pending Monchball also works great for other dried chew treats such himalayan cheese sticks, pig and lamb ears, shark skin and other strong long lasting chews. Do NOT put any kind of wet food in your Monchball. It is 3D printed and has micro crevises between the layers of printed plastic. Wet food could cause mould to grow and even though dogs can eat off the floor etc and have strong stomachs, you should only put dry food in a Monchball. If you would like to drill a hole in dry long lasting chew treats yourself, you will need to use a 7mm drill bit (the treat post in the Monchball is 6mm in diameter). A handheld cordless drill from the hardware store and block of wood is all you need!

Shipping & returns

What is the lead time on orders?

The lead time on orders at the moment is up to 3 business days and then subject to shipping (Australia Post or Courier).

Do you ship overseas?

Yes we do! We will ship Monchballs anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, due to international customs and quarantine restrictions, we cannot ship Monchies (dried chew treats) outside of Australia. However, international shipping is expensive so if you live outside Australia, you can still drill your own Monchies with a 7mm drill bit, it's easy! A simple handheld cordless drill from the hardware store, a 7mm drill bit and block of wood is all you need. Our shipping is limited to a maximum of 5kg. Please contact us prior to submitting your order on if you need to discuss a larger bulk purchase.

What is your shipping policy?

Monchball now ships worldwide! As our products are 3D printed from fused filament, they take time to make (about 15 hours for a 10cm Monball and 30 hours for the 15cm model). Our current lead time from order to ship date is no more than 3 business days (sometimes we ship immediatly if we have the colour your purchased in stock already printed). Parcels are shipped via Australia Post or courier and delivery is between 3 to 5 business days for domestic orders and between 10 to 20 business days for international orders (with delays due to COVID-19).

What is your return & exchange policy?

We have tested our product on a range of different dog breeds. Our Monchball has stood up to rough play and use with many different types of dried chew treats. We offer a three (3) month replacement guarantee if the ball has a manufacturing defect. However, Monchballs are not exchangeable, so please choose your colour carefully. Please also note the diameter of Monchball that will best suit your dog. If you are not sure which size (10cm or 15cm) is appropriate for your dog, please email us a picture of your pupper (with age and breed) prior to purchasing so we can ensure you select the right size. Replacements are not offered if you select a Monchball that is too small and fits inside your puppers mouth (your Monchball should be too big to be chewed on or picked up in your dogs mouth). In the unlikely event that you have a problem, please email us photos at and we will respond promptly.

Store policy

What should I know about customer care?

Please contact us with any customer care issues at We are here to help and will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours.

What should I know about legal & safety?

Monchball has a patent pending and registered AU Design. Original artwork is copyright. Please note that whilst our Monchball prevents easy access to items secured inside, an unsecured (open), unsupervised Monchball can become a choking hazard as with any product that can fit in an animals mouth. It is essential that you ensure your Monchball is closed before giving it to your pup and you supervise whilst in use. Your Monchball has been designed to be a size that is bite resistant (10cm or 15cm diameter when closed). Your pupper should NOT be able to fit the Monchball in his or her mouth. If you are not sure which size to purchase, please email us a picture of your dog with age so we can make a suggestion. Your Monchball is not indestructible. Extreme rough play, use over time and throwing the ball onto to a concrete surface for example, will degrade and may destroy the device. Please make sure the rope attachment is always tied tightly at the end for safety when not being used to anchor your Monchball. This ensures if you have a little pupper his or her head cannot get caught in the rope. If you anchor the device, please do it on a soft surface. Extreme yanking on a concrete surface will cause excessive scratching and may damage your Monchball. Please refer to the Safety Instructions for additional information.

Do you offer wholesale?

If you are interested in stocking our product for re-sale, please get in touch at

What are you payment methods?

We accept credit/debit cards.

Safety Instructions

Safety instructions to read before purchasing or using a Monchball

Chewing releases endorphins and makes dogs happy! If used correctly your Monchball can make it safer for your dog to be given bully sticks, shark skin, himalayan cheese sticks and other long lasting dried chew treats that many owners would otherwise choose not to use because they can be a choking hazard. Your Monchball makes a great handle to hold while your dog chews and bonds with you. Taking the last part of a treat away from your dog is easy when you can grab the Monchball rather than have to put your fingers near their sharp teeth! Many dogs are prone to swallowing a treat quickly rather than letting it be taken from their mouth. Swallowing hard chew treats can cause choking and intestinal blockages. These can be a matter of life and death and involve surgery bills costing thousands of dollars. Your Monchball will not completely remove the risk of your dog choking on a treat so supervision is essential. How much supervision each dog needs depends on how they behave with a Monchball. It is bite resistant but it is not indestructible, chew proof or impossible for your dog to open if left unsupervised for long enough. 1. Open the Monball by pressing the white button on the back and pulling the two halves apart. You might need to untie the rope loop if it is still tied tighly against the Monchball. 2. Place a drilled treat on the 6mm treat post. 3. Push the two halves of the Monchball closed until it clicks shut. You can also press the button on the back if necessary to help it close. 4. Verify that the push button on the back is flush with the surface of the Monchball. If you are not sure, give it a few presses to make sure it springs back with some force. This test is designed to make sure the 3D printed zigzag spring that presses on the button from inside is not broken. A broken spring is probably the most likely way a Monchball could come open when not intended. The spring is durable but will not last forever (it can be replaced if needed, as can all the individual parts of the Monchball due to its modular design. We sell spare parts for each Monchbal component). 5. Tie the rope loop tight against the body of the Monchball. It is a backup to help avoid it coming open when not intended. 6. Instead of tieing the rope loop against the Monchbal, you can also loop it around a table or chair leg etc so your dog cannot run off with it while you are at the pub or cafe! Just beware than even little dogs when very determined can drag a big heavy table around! Don't do this if your dog is being aggressive and smashing the Monchball on the ground, unless it is on a soft surface, or it could eventually break. 7. Supervise your dog while it has a Monchball. Some dogs need more supervision than others but we have found that only giving your dog a Monchball when it has a treat in it and taking it away when the treat is finished tends to help them lose interest in it if they find it just lying around occasionally. Every dog is different and you will need to work out how much or how little supervision you are comfortable with. 8. Do not put wet food in a Monchball. It is 3D printed using fused filament and has tiny crevices between each layer of plastic. It could get mouldy if you use it to feed your dog a juicy steak! 9. If a Monchball is left in the sun sometimes it may make the colour fade but will not otherwise damage it. 10. Wash with soapy water that is not so hot it could burn your skin. Do NOT put a Monchball in a dishwasher. It can handle a maximum of 65 degrees Celcius continuous temperature. 11. Check the treat holding pin before each use. If it has any damage, you will need to replace it before the Monchball is safe to use again. We sell spare parts for each Monchbal component. 12. Monchballs are quite robust but they are not indestructible. We provide a three (3) month replacement warranty that covers use while loaded correctly with a dried treat. Monchballs are not chew toys, they are treat holders. If you let your dog gnaw on a Monchball as a chew toy without a treat loaded, it will eventually break and your dog will be sad!