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    Protect your pupper with a Monchball! Safe locking device to hold long lasting dry treats.


    Round Hole & Flat Treats: Suits Bully Sticks, Himalayan Chews, Beef Tendon, Ears and other long lasting chews. Suits average chewers and allows for greater variation in treats. (See photo: Right-hand side Monchball with Jerky)


    Open / Shut Mechanism:-


    Quick Release Prongs: Great for easy, quick open / shut use.


    Screw: Extra secure for no outside openings at all, requires a key to open / shut. Recommended for two dog families.


    Comes with a free Monchie (Bully Stick) if you live in Australia.


    Note: Size = 10cm diameter. This size is best for small and some medium sized dogs. For example, French Bulldogs and small to medium sized Whippets.


    Open Close Method
    • Safety device to lock in Bully Sticks, Himalayn Chews, Raw Hide, Ears and other long lasting dry chews to help prevent your furbaby from accessing that last little piece that is a choke hazard. 


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