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    Protect your big pupper with a 15cm Monchball safe locking device to hold long lasting dry treats.


    Suits bully sticks, himalayan chews, shark skin, beef tendon, ears and other long lasting chews. Suits medium to large sized dogs and a variety of treats.


    Comes with a free Monchie (large bully stick) if you live in Australia.


    This 15cm diameter Monchball is best for medium to large sized dogs. For example, BMD's, German Shephards, larger Staffies, Labradors, Golden Retrievers, English Bulldogs etc. Your dog should NOT be able to fit the Monchball in its mouth. Please feel free to contact us with a picture of your dog if you would like help in determining which size would be best.


    Amethyst, Azure, Pinapple and Violet are representative of the 15cm size Monchball. All other pictures are of the 10cm Monchball to show colour.


    The 10cm Monchball opens and closes with a push button. It has a modular design, so any individual parts that wear out can be replaced without having to buy an entire new Monchball. Contact us for spare parts.

    Monchball — 15cm

    • Safety device to lock in bully sticks, himalayan chews, raw hide, ears, shark skin and other long lasting dry chews to help prevent your furbaby from accessing that last little piece that is a choking hazard and can cause intestinal blockage.